Pine-Sol approached Fluid to research the shifting landscape of their consumer base, devise a digital strategy based on these findings, and to redesign a responsive website as part of a brand refresh initiative. As Pine-Sol's digital agency of record and trusted strategic partner, we played a critical role in influencing the marketing roadmap and vision.

The scope of our year-long engagement included intensive marketing and consumer research via in-field interviews and surveys. We assisted with the formation of a marketing plan and documentation of consumer profiles based on data collected. This laid the groundwork for our approach of the site redesign, as we set out to construct a fully responsive build. Our social and content strategy augmented these plans, followed through with production of assets and a measurement strategy.

At least 5 vendors were involved in this initiative; our team was the central hub of communication, directing production and ensuring alignment with the project plan.

Role: Project Manager

Team Deliverables: 
Consumer Research
Marketing Strategy
Brand Explorations
Digital Strategy
Content Strategy
Vendor Management
UI/UX + Visual Design
Measurement Plan
QA Testing
Video Production